Packaging appJar Apps PyInstaller

.pyw files on Windows

If you're on Windows, there is a clever way to make your python files act like executables.

If you change the file extension to be .pyw instead of .py then you will be able to double click the file, and launch it as a GUI application, with no terminal showing up.

Packaging with PyInstaller

The recommended way to package appJar is to use PyInstaller

First, download and install PyInstaller.

If everything has been installed via pip, then you should be able to package your application with the following command:

pyinstaller -F -w

If not, then you may need to specify the path of certain libraries:

pyinstaller -F -w -p <path_to_appJar>

Setting an app Icon

To set an icon for the app, include the following option:

pyinstaller -i <path_to_icon> -F -w

Including Images

To include images, include the following option:

appinstaller --add-data image.png:. -F -w

Platform Support

This has been tested & works under both Windows & Linux, although no success (yet) on OSX.

A lot more detail will be provided here, in a future release, on the exact process to follow to get everything built into your package.