We are always happy to receive additions/updates/fixes to the library - simply submit a Pull Request.

The key focusses of the project are that we have good, up-to-date documentation and reliable code.

Therefore, in order to add new features, you should be looking to include them in both the documentation and the test suite.


We use Travis and Coveralls to ensure the code works.
In order to ensure coverage, every new function that is added should be included in /tests/
There are lots of functions in there that simply add widgets to the test GUI, at a minimum this ensures they are free of basic syntax errors.
If the widget is interactive or has setters & getters, then it's useful to include a set followed by a get with an assert:

app.addLabel("l1", "Message")
assert app.getLabel("l1") == "Message"
app.setLabel("l1", "New Message")
assert app.getLabel("l1") == "New Message"
assert app.getLabel("l1") == ""

If a function call (add/set/clear) were to fail, the test would fail. And if the assert doesn't match, the test will fail.


We've used MkDocs hosted on GitHub Pages to build this site.
The pages are written in Markdown - there are lots of sites out there giving advice...

The process is fairly straightforward: