There are some things that we don't do well, or that just don't work.
These are usually caused by limitations in the underlying tkinter, and may be specific to a particular platform.

General Limitations:

Platform Limitations:

appJar has been designed to work the same on the three major platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux.
However, not all features are available on all platforms.




Third Party Limitations

from numpy import sin, pi, arange
import random
from appJar import gui 

with gui() as app:
    x = arange(0.0, 3.0, 0.01)
    y = sin(random.randint(1,10) * pi * x)
    axes = app.addPlot("p1", x, y)
    axes.set_title("Click somewhere on a line.\nRight-click to deselect.")
    axes.legend(['The curve'])
    axes.set_xlabel("X Axes")
    axes.set_ylabel("Y Axes")

    # only import this library once the GUI has been created
    import mplcursors