General Guidance

The online documentation aims to be as consistant as possible.

There are two main sections:


These are things you can add to the GUI:

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These are ways of changing how the GUI looks or operates:

Understanding the Docs

When I first started appJar, I didn't really know any Python. I grew up on Pascal & Java, followed by JavaScript & PHP - appjar is therefore all in CamelCase.

Also, because of this, the concept of named parameters is also not really used (except in the more recent parts). Again, I learnt programming without this concept, and generally teach programming without this concept. You'll therefore find that sometimes you have to make two-or-three function calls, to achieve something that could be done with one - if I had more named parameters.

I've tried to keep function names standardised:

When the docs list the parameters available on a function, any with an = means they are optional, with the default being shown.

For example:


appjar has been going so long, that some of the early decisions have turned out to be bad ones...
Some functions have now been deprecated - you can still use them, but appJar will warn you that you should be using something else.

Beta Code

Some elements of appjar are in beta. This means you can use them, and they generally work - but you may come across issues or they may change in the future. Generally, the beta code works pretty well - it wouldn't be included if it didn't. But, equally, we know its not perfect - drag'n drop will keep growing & improving, and the table needs some work.

So, please use them, and let us know any issues or improvements you'd like...